General Questions

A: We are a community that shares popular porn-site accounts with our Members.

A: You can access our free porn passwords section by clicking here.

A: You can join our VIP program by clicking: Join Now!

A: None.

A: If you visit our login page, we will set a temporary cookie to determine if your browser accepts cookies. This cookie contains no personal data and is discarded when you close your browser.

A: No, porn site requests are only available for our VIP members.

A: This could be due to the amount of people who use our free porn passwords. Once a porn website notices too many logins or attempts, they will block or ban the account being shared. In the VIP section there are less users, therefore the accounts last longer.

A: Someone who steals content from our website and posts it elsewhere.

A: If you have other questions or issues, please use our Contact form.


VIP Related Questions

A: VIP comes with full access to our premium section, and 4 personal requests per month that aren’t shared with anyone else.

A: In the VIP section, we post porn passwords that are not visible to the public eye. This means the account will NOT be blocked as a result of too many users.

A: You can see our plan rates here.

A: The accounts posted in the premium section have a higher percentage of login success rates (90%).

A: There are 4 membership lengths: 1 Month, 3 Months, 6 Months, or 12 Months.

A: No, the VIP memberships are NON-recurring. When signing up you can simply choose the duration that is right for you.

A: Currently we only accept PayPal or Skrill payments.

A: We honor each membership duration as 31 days per month. Therefore, if you select the 6 Months plan, that will be: 31 Days x 6 Months = 186 Days.

A: We require all VIP applicants to fill out a form. The reason being, we carefully select who can be apart of our VIP program. This is to ensure no leeches are sneaking into our community.

A: We will review and grant you VIP access within 1 to 2 hours after payment is received.

A: We will refund you the full amount that was paid to us.

A: Any porn website or fetish that does NOT include any of the following: Beastiality (Animal Porn), Child Porn, Incest, Rape, or any other weird shit you can think of.

A: We limit member views to 10 different websites (posts) per day, the reason being is to stop leeches from sharing the accounts on other websites.